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Felbrigg Hall


Our journey to Felbrigg Hall took us to the far corner of North Norfolk, up near Cromer’s famous coast and seafood, then winding through the village of Felbrigg.

An English hall

After preparing ourselves for our day trip to another fine English Hall; taking our own lunch of chicken legs and noodles – a fine feast for any squire, I’m sure.

We heard the village was once located near the church, within the hall’s boundary, but had been moved further east, due to the squire not liking the village to be so close to his hall. The hall certainly commands it’s share of countryside, but you can’t see the hall while you approach through the fields of grazing sheep.

今次,去參觀另一個英國豪門大宅,我們作了充分準備。 我們自備了食物,有美味的雞腿和麵條作午餐。一㸃不下於任何鄉紳的美好盛宴。 Felbrigg Hall引領我們來到Norfolk北部的遠角,由Norwich朝著在Norfolk享負出產海鮮盛名的Cromer海岸方向出發。繞過了現在的Felbrigg村。 聽說這裏不是Felbrigg村莊的原址。村莊曾經位於Felbrigg Hall莊園的邊界圍牆之內,在教堂附近。但由於Felbrigg莊主不喜歡村莊太過接近他的大園,所以下令村民遷移,他們便搬到現址。 不容至議,Felbrigg莊主在當時當地,肯定是一個極有份量,舉足輕重的人物。Felbrigg Hall莊圍之大,佔地之廣,我們要繞過一片片如無邊界的果園和牧羊埸,才能見到自成一角的Felbrigg大宅。

Entering the great hall

Originally the hall was quite small, more like a large house, during the Jacobean period (17th century), and was later extended, and moulded to whatever was fashionable and pleasing for the squire living there.

We had to enjoy our tea in the old servant living area, well that is where the National Trust has put the “Squire’s Pantry” tea room now. I’m sure the squire would have sat in the morning room.

Looking south from the main hall you can’t quite see the large man-made lake that hides just below the curved grassy hill, from the romantic period, and surrounded by woodland. Leave time to walk the garden as there is plenty of it.

I was hoping to find a maze to explore, and the Walled Garden sounded just like the place to find one. Although it wasn’t a maze but did let you lose yourself in the numerous types of fruit and flowers growing within, as well as the local sight of parents chasing kids chasing chickens.

十七世紀初期的Felbrigg原建築只有現宅的前排,並不算是大宅。經過歷年擴建和不同年代園主的喜好改裝,隨著主子的喜樂榮衰,成為今日我們所見到,外表風光,內帶風霜的豪門遺庭。 莊園現在已是國家信託基金會的產業。園內原為傭人生活的區間,現已改為遊客的茶室,我們便在那裏享受下午茶。我相信,當年的園主紳仕,是在那個他們名為"Morning Room 早上的房間"那裡用早餐的。 從主廳向南看,您可能看不到那人造大湖,因為它隱藏在彎曲的草山下,被林地包圍,是典形浪漫主義時代的建築風格。其他時間,我們閒遊大宅的花園,看那裡的果園和奇花異草,[不知何時,在這園子裏,竟然種了亞洲的劍蘭 。就是現在,這種花,在英國極為罕見。相信是園主第三代William Windham II,他四年週遊列國的收穫。在大宅內,最令我有親切和自豪感的,是那個"Chinese bedroom 中國睡房",𥚃面保全了十七世紀時代中國人巧繪的牆紙,和一些精緻的陶瓷。]。 我們以為,在圍牆花園那裏可以找到迷宮作樂。 雖然找不到迷宮,但卻在欣賞形形種種類的果樹和爭妍鬥豔的鮮花,以及看當地的父母和孩子追逐母雞的樂趣,迷失了自己。

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Felbrigg Hall

After a long drive through fields of sheep, you’ll eventually find a car park large enough for most vehicles. National trust members are free.

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