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Devil’s Dyke, the endless view


Devil’s Dyke, its breathtaking stunning scenery, is the paradise for the country walkers, and the cyclist.

“Legend has it that the Devil dug this chasm to drown the parishioners of the Weald. On the other hand, scientists believe it was formed naturally just over 10,000 years ago in the last ice age.”

_from National trust

When I stood on this plain and looked at this endless scenery, I imagined that God had discovered the devil’s plan in time, and he struck the devil into a grave that he can never revive. There is no running water in the valley now, just full of the wild flowers and plants.[/su_column]




I imagine this is the Devil's Tomb 我想像的魔鬼墓穴
The endless view makes us look so small... 走在這無邊際的平原上,我們都顯得渺小了。
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