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North Wales – Conwy and Llandudno

北威爾斯 – 康威,蘭迪德諾

Conwy 康威

Compared to Beaumaris Castle and Caernarfon Castle, Conwy Castle is the most complete and well preserved, although smallest, Welsh castle remaining in the UK. Surrounded by mountains and sea, with tall guard towers and thick defence walls; I can imagine the British King, Edward I, standing there haughty, overseeing his country and commanding his army.

Inside the city the ancient houses can be found everywhere, but just across the river there are modern cottages built along the hills with only one bridge connecting the two eras.

Conwy Castle康威城堡,可以說是英國僅有的幾個威爾斯城堡疊中,保存得最完整的一個。跟Beaumaris Castle和Caernarfon Castle相比,它也是面積最小的一個。它倚山環海,四面守城高塔,道道厚厚護城圍牆。可以想像,當年英主愛德華一世在這裏遠矚國土,揮軍㸃將的氣慨。城內古房典雅,但只是一河之隔,盡是現代新居,依山而立。仿是那度橋連接上不同年代。

Conwy; inside and outside the city wall is a site of ancient and current history. 康威,城牆內外,引證古今。

Llandudno 蘭迪德諾

Long white rocky beaches lay against deep blue,
An elegant seashore between rocky green mountains.
Travellers sit idle on the beach,
While seagulls fly through the crowd.
The horizon lined with white wind turbines,
With mountain trains trundling back and forth.

Llandudno Harbour is a real natural beauty beneath the verdant hills of the Great Orme. It attracts numerous visitors, and the whole harbour, as well as the Victorian high street, is full of life. Llandudno is by far the most popular bay in the UK.



Llandudno’s beautiful seafront 美麗的海灣

Scenery up on the Llandudno’s Great Orme mountain 山上怡人景色和寶鑛

Travelling by motorhome

Campsites we stayed

Near Conwy and the Great Orme:
Dinerth Hall Farm @ £28 per night for 3 adults
Gwersyll Cefn Cae campsite @ £25 per night for 3 adults


Near the Great Orme: The long coast road of Landudno has plenty of space for cars and motorhomes, it is free. Motorhomes can park there until 8:00 pm daily.

In Conwy:  Morfa Back carpark had dedicated spaces for motorhomes @ £2 for about 4 hours.

Extra info

Castle and Plas Mawr: Is cheaper to buy a package ticket covering the castle and the house from Conwy Castle reception.



近 Conwy 和 The Great Orme:
Dinerth Hall Farm @ £28 per night for 3 adults
Gwersyll Cefn Cae campsite @ £25 per night for 3 adults


近 The Great Orme: Landudno的沿岸公路旁邊有充足的泊車位。免費。可容納露營車,但營車不能在那裏泊通宵,時限是每天至晚上8點。

在Conwy:  Morfa Back carpark有指定位置給不同體形的汽車。收費: @ £2 for about 4 hours.


套票: 在Conwy城堡接待處可買到遊Conwy城堡和Plas Mawr大宅的套票,便宜很多。

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