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Design Management for Tesco

Mission to unite a Global brand within the Asia Market

Working with country brand managers of Malaysia, Thailand, South Korea, and China to create all packaging design for Asia regional products.

  • local markets benchmark analysis
  • design direction and design briefs
  • photography and iconography direction
  • budget forecasting
  • print quality and time control
  • recruiting new design house and artwork talent

The key to Regional Design Management is; work that requires a huge understanding of the importance of a global brand image as well as the need to achieve authenticity in the local market. The challenge is how to make negotiate between countries and balance the impact of all aspects in a very limited time, to final a packaging design to make every party happy.

Completing nine category packaging designs, and artworks, for their Standard and Everyday Value ranges: Tesco Love Baby, Instant Coffee, Canned Food, Health and Beauty Cotton, Pet Food, Creamer, Frozen, Asia Tea, Household Chemical. Taking them from market research, thru analysis, concept, design development and finally to global team and local market approval within the year.

A selection of new project developed for Asia Markets

Asia Canned food range

Canned and Ready Meat range
Canned Fruit range
Everyday Value Range

Asia Pet food range
Aligning different Pet packaging designs, from the UK, Malaysia, and Thailand, to create one design for all regions. Then extending the Pet food category to include Pet Treats and snacks using the same principle.

Thailand, Malaysia, UK packaging vs new Asia regional pack
Final Asia Pet Packaging Design
Proposed extended Pet range
Marketing Comparison

And More…

Instant coffee for Asia Region
Creamer for Malaysia market
And all the Everyday Value ranges

All work completed while working at Tesco Asia Headquarters – Malaysia